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Reaction to Strapping Tape? Help!

Discussion in 'Australia / New Zealand' started by Gymnast03, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Gymnast03

    Gymnast03 New Member Gymnast

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    Australia Australia
    I'm a level 7 gymnast and I have been doing gymnastics for 10 years. I have some problems with my back where the muscles are extremely tight which causes my vertebrae to 'hinge'. It is currently being manged quite well with physio and taping. The way I have to tape is using 'Kinesiology' tape which a type of fabric strapping tape that is stretchy. I put two pieces on my back either side of my spine, it seems to help with the pain. But my only problem is that my back reacts to the tape, if i wear it for longer than a day or wear it to often the skin where the tape is will get red, inflamed and itchy. Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what to do?
    Thanks any help will be appreciated :)

  2. CanAmGymMum

    CanAmGymMum Coach Coach Proud Parent Former Gymnast

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    Spidertech brand makes a "gentle" line for sensitive skin. It may be worth a try if you can get that in Australia.

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