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Oct 15, 2022
I don’t have anything amazing to add other then to say trust her coaches and to share my DD current similar position. She is 13 and will be repeating 9, mostly because the changes that were made this year that allow lvl 9 to compete harder skills. She has hand lay lay on beam and ro 1.5 dismount on beam. She can do a side Ariel as well but won’t likely complete it. Floor..front hand front double full, back hand double full and front rudi but again not sure she will be allowed to compete all those exact skills due to only being about to do so many of certain level skills (I do not know the ins and outs here) . Bars, bail to handstand into toe hand and then dismount will be double back, she has more but basically in the routine but basically will compete that, she is working pike jeagers but does not have them! Also learning full out dismount, she has blind fulls and such as well, vault yerchenko lay but it’s not great ..works fulls into pit. Basically a second year at 9 to really get 10 skills to 10 start value is her plan. Again it has a lot to do with whatever change was made..maybe someone can better explain that. Also, sorry if I butchered names or spelling of skills just a mom!
Your DD sounds amazing! It boggles the mind how exactly these things work. I would also love an explanation of the changes that were made...
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