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Question for you parents out there.My 9 year old loves gymnastics and loves her coach,but as a 9 year old she doesnt notice the problems in the gym.Her coach also coach's her own daughter(8 years old) and she cant seem to stop showing huge amounts of favourtism towards her,ie: extra turns,more stops,never having to help set up equipment and such.We have spoken to her twice now and have both times been told that that is incorrect.Right now we have sourced out another club and are wondering if that is a good enough reason to switch.


From what Ive gathered reading this forum most groups have a favoured gymnast. This might be a coaches daughter or a perceived talent. Either way it sounds like there is often one gymnast singled out for special attention. Irritating for everyone elses parents. I think the parents notice more than the kids. I wouldn't think there was any point moving purely for this reason as the next gym might have the same problem. As long as your dd is happy and being coached well. There is a thread on here about it somewhere.
Perhaps your DD doesn't notice the problems, because they aren't really "problems" to her?

If your dd likes her coach and the gym, and is still enjoying the experience, then I don't really see the problem. It's certainly not enough to switch gyms. If you're looking for more one-on-one time with the coach, you always have the option of private lessons.


ANY reason is a good enough reason if your not happy with anything in your current gym. I don't thing The gyms really what your reasons are for changing. Just make sure as you look for new gyms that your trading one issue with a worse issue. Every gym has its issues.

we had that issue about 5 years ago and I didn't like it either but in the end my DD was improving and advancing. She was happy and it didn't occur to her that this gal was getting more time in the gym. It did bother me too but my kid was happy and successful so we stayed.


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Jun 6, 2008
I think changing gyms should be about your child's progress. Not all coaches are good for all types of kids.....

If you feel DD is not progressing, or her love of gymnastics is beginning to wane because of coaching or other kids, then mabe a switch might be in order.

If DD is happy there, and is advancing and is surrounded by a good environment, then i would not change.

I have had to take myself out of the gym many times.....When I start micro-managing and scrtutinizing...Time for me to be scarce...., My DS coach now knows when I am not around too much it is because I am stressing about my SONS gymnastics.....LOL...

Poor kid who is being coached by her parent....those kids get ridden SO hard and usually burn out so quickly....The kid probably hates it....Your DD will last so much longer at this sport ...:):)
There always is a bit of favoratism.....coaches are human too!!!
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i agree with the posts here. Most gyms will have a favorite gymnast of the day, year or moment. I will say it was one of the reasons we moved from our old gym but the old gym also had no pits and coaches that had never taught kids beyond L7. My dd wanted to continue so we had to look elsewhere. If she's happy i'd stick it out a bit longer. Favorites are everywhere!

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Dec 23, 2006
Trying to put the coach/daughter issue aside, are you and dd happy with the gym and the program? If you can honestly say yes, then I wouldn't uproot her right now. Will she be with this coach much longer? If she will move on to another group and coach then the issue will go away. You said she loves this coach, so she may be fine with things and as others have said, if she's improving/happy then leave it alone for now.

If you feel uncomfortable with the way things are, check out the other gym without dd. Just go in and watch practice for the team level your dd would be at and get all the info you can on tuition, meet fees, booster club etc. Then you can sit down and see if the other gym is really a better option. Be forewarned---every gym has its issues and many times you don't see or know about them until you've made the switch.
Sep 8, 2007
I would say if this is the only problem @ the gym I would not change.First of all you will not always have that problem there will be changes of coaches when you change levels.I would hate to have to coach my own kid ,but I think I would be harder on her then the others.We have a girl on my dd's team and her parents are the owners father is opt hc and I think when she gets to opt. her father is going to be harder on her.Right now my dd is envy of her because she practice everyday and has grown up in the gym.She asked me the other night if I could buy a gym.We have several others coaches with daughters on the teams.
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