WAG Reasons to do preschool gymnastics

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DD has done gymnastics since she was 18 months old in a Mommy and Me class. She has always had superhuman strength (well, maybe not superhuman, but strength far beyond her age) and was identified pretty early on as a 'bar worker' (and now, at optionals, bars is her favorite event).

I agree with the writer that there are many non-gymnastics reasons for doing preschool gymnastics, but one I didn't see mentioned applied to DD--and was most of the reason I chose gymnastics over say, swimming or some other sport that would teach those values as well: her ridiculous energy level! I always figured it was much, much safer to have her running around a gym with mats strategically located throughout than to have her doing the same at a playground or near water. Of course, because she had been identified early, they focused a bit more on the gymnastics with her, but when I could bring my 2-3 year old child home after an hour and she was ready for a nap life was great. :)
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