Rec Optional and USAG Level 7 question

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Mar 4, 2008
I have a question on how Rec Optional can fit into possibly advancing into L7 (USAG) if at all. So my question is: Can you use a Rec Opt Advanced meet as some sort of qualifier for Optional L7 (USAG)? If it is a dumb question my apologies in advance!:confused:


There's no such thing as a dumb question!! If you don't ask, you can't find the answer.

I am not positive, but I BELIEVE that you would have to "score out" of the USAG compulsory levels that you did not compete. If the last level you competed was level 4, then I think you would have to compete in a level 5 meet, score the required USAG AA score, then do the dame thing for level 6. After "scoring out", then you could compete level 7

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
It varies from state to state. Some states allow you to qualify for L7 through a prep-op system, some require you to do compulsories.
Nov 5, 2007
My daughter scored out of Level 5+6.I think she had to have an all around score of 32 or better,but i'm not for shure on that.
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