recovering injuries????

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so i was wondering if anyone has any advice on recovering from a long time injury???
Sep 21, 2008
Depending on the injury... the only advice I can give is still go to the gym to support your team (if you can).

What did you do? Maybe then we can give you some ideas to keep in shape without hurting yourself further, or ways to keep yourself occupied.

Or, do you have a nagging injury that wont go away?

If that's the case, I would suggest you talk to a doctor. Athletic trainers are fine and all, but they cant go as in depth as a doctor can.

Jan 19, 2009
small town
Do what you can. Example if it's an arm injury do everything splits and other stretches that don't involve your arm. Also I agree with the previous girl. Go to the gym and support your team while doing as much as you can. We've had girls come back from pretty much everything and most coaches will be very helpful and understanding


well actuallly i have really REALLY bad ankles and just over the summer i had a ligament reconstruction and unfortunately it is 5 to 6 month recovery time
i have been going to therapy but im afraid that going level 8 this season is completely messed up... :(


May 25, 2009
Do everything you can. Like stretching conditioning. If its a foot injury bars. And I also agree support your team!!!
Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Definitely do bars, minus dismounts and such. Stretch, strength... do whatever you can. I feel your pain... I've been out for almost a month and a half with a back injury and it's SO frustrating not being able to do anything! Just try as best as you can to keep conditioning... that's where I've been struggling. Talk to your teammates as much as possible... I've gotten so lonely just watching and not doing! Haha. Most importantly, do what your doctor/therapist tells you. Are you doing physical therapy too? Such fun. :p But seriously... if they give you stuff to do every day, DO IT, even after you're done with therapy. A lot of people (myself included after round #1) make the mistake of going to the last appointment and never doing the exercises again. The more you do, the stronger you'll be. :)

Sorry. Long winded, but I'm trying to be helpful... haha. I just understand where you're coming from! :D

Good luck!


thank you :) ya ive been good on going to gym and trying to alwasy do all of the excersises but it is frustrating to watch.
but Thursday i got released to the third step so i can start learning how to run and jump again... :) so im pretty excited
going on 5 months now not running or jumping


Focus on PT and conditioning for next year.

Since you can't land, work a lot of trampoline. Yes, you can work a lot of trampoline focusing on twisting and flipping while landing on the back or stomach. Good for stuff like overshoots, toe-shoot/catches and higher level releases.
Feb 26, 2007
Sadly trampoline isn't alwasy allowed during rehab, you'll have to check on that advice. My oldest is slowly coming to the end of a 3 month rehab of a nasty achilles tear. She has only just been allowed to bounce on the tramp, as it is quite tough on the ankle structure.

Take you time, it is frustrating, but if you go back too soon, or push too hard it will slow down the progress you have made. Bars are your friend, and now you can run and jump, beam will be more fun. Explosive runs like you use for vault should be built up to.

Good luck, I totally get what you are going through!


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I would definitely check with your surgeon to see what is allowed. When my daughter had surgery, her doctor did not want her in the gym at all for 3 conditioning, no bars etc. Even with just the conditioning or working out, he felt the risk of inadvertent injury was too great to offset the benefit of conditioning.
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