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I guess not so much for good luck, but "get well vibes", I sprained my ankle and if I take good care of it and the doctor gives me the okay I can compete in my last meet of the season. I really, really hope it heals well quickly! If the doctor says no though...yeah, I'm not going to hurt it more and then have an ongoing problem where it will never heal, yadadada...:(


Jan 9, 2009
GET WELL SOON! I know how ankle injuries can be, so make sure you take really good care of it and go the extra mile to make sure it's healed. And good luck in your meet!


Oct 19, 2008
New York
Hope you get well asap!
My friend tore a ligament and fractured a bone in her ankle (playing basketball), and im recovering from surgery, and I know how frustrating it is not to be able to do what u want to do when u want to do it. Do everything the doc says to do to the t and u will be better in no time!
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