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What Advice Do You Have For All Parents,Across The Nation,Whose Children Only Want To Do Recreational Gymnastics?
Enjoy it and cheer them on!! There are so many benefits to gymnastics!
What About Those That Have No Interest In Competitive Gymnastics,Even If They Have The Skills,Needed,To Win Olympic Gold?
let them enjoy the sport at whatever level they want. Unless is able to pay for unlimited privates (or owns a gym), though, there will come a point where they will max out of recreational classes and won't be able to progress with skills.

Some people simply go through life learning things for themselves only. They have no desire to show the world their accomplishments and that's OK. But I would also want to be sure something else is not stopping the gymnast from moving to competitive gymnastics before just letting it be.
Find a gym with a strong reC program.

At my gym the rev kids get the same quality coaches as team kids. They still get to progress to higher levels and learn advanced skills.

At many gyms, you can’t progress past a relatively basic level in rec.
Find a gym that has a strong rec program that is not just a lead in to the USAG etc.

I have seen several rec programs - my DD attended 3 different programs due to class times before joining a pre-team. 1 was cheap but the progress was very slow. 1 was great and the coaches were eager to help each kid have fun and learn. the last was clearly just a lead in to the USAG team. It would have been great for my child had there been a better coach/student ratio.

A good rec program has several levels and allows a kid even at age 11 to come out and have some fun.

A good rec program will level out at some point but that should be expected b/c at a point you need more conditioning to attempt certain skills.

If you have a child that is very talented and want to stay rec - a good program will respect that and not press for the child to start team.

remember - a good program is one that MEETS YOUR NEEDS. What works for you may not work for someone else. You may need to try a few before having a good spot.
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