Recruiting coaches-ethics?

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Okay if you tell customers they will have to pay if they switch gyms as a Mom I would let my kid do gym and if she started hating her coach, how the gym is run whatever, I would have her quit the sport. Also it brings A LOT of legal issues, what if a coach was abusive? Anyways moving onto if I was a gym owner and had to pay a grand for every year of experience a coach brough I would be hiring a lot of people off the streets and training them. This post began if I can remember correctly a gym owner asking for advice because her coaches were leaving as other gyms were offering huge bonuses and the kids were going along as they were also offered something. Lets get back to that. Trip I am sorry you tend to speak a lot of words but say nothing, it is really old. ....head desk....
The thing about "gym hopping" is that if you leave the door open long enough, they WILL be back, because they have learned that the grass may not be always greener on the other side and after having the chance to "explore other options", they sometimes realize that gym A was not so bad and it actually suited them quite nicely. BUT, the actual act of going somewhere else and experiencing another gym environment makes them APPRECIATE what they had.

And as paying customers, we (the parents) are paying for a service and we do have the freedom to go where we want. Call it "gym hopping" if you want, but I would consider it "consumer shopping".
Snort! Really Stretch you think so much yet see too little. Customers are always right, because they will leave (with their wallets) if they aren't happy. NO amount of complaining will change that.

Public school is not a fair comparison anyway as the government controls it, parents still decide whether to partake or not and many who do not like the public system talk with their wallets and choose to homeschool or to buy a private school education. Same with teachers, if they do not like the school's philosophies they can leave, as they should be able to.

You cannot make people stay! THis isn't communist Russia and there are no salt mines for people who do not do what you want.

Bog, I couldn't even begin to respond to Stretch's most post about the scholl system, so I'm glad you took the words out of my mouth for me!!

Stretch... as Bod said, the public school system doesn't even compare to what you're trying to throw out there. Of course people have the choice to pull out of public school, go to private school or home school their children if they believe they're not getting the "services that they pay for" in their public school system. And yes, people do even manage to change from one public school to another through various legal processes!!
So you see gymcoach1616, what we're up against. We have parents telling coaches what's best for their gymnasts. We have parents that are cocked and ready to gym hop the moment they feel you gym owners can't get the job done. They like it that way, gymcoach1616. We need to do something about this.

I propose instead of opening a gym, aspiring gymnastics entrepreneurs should open a gymnastics university one in every region. A place where a coach can receive an all encompassing education and center it around gymnastics. A place where all fields and aspects of gymnastics are taught. A place where a coach can be standardized and delivered into the new system. A place where the best of the best facilities for gymnastics are found and the gymnasts in that region train there at all levels. A place where a coach learns to run a gymnastics school, run meets, clinics, seminars, and how to control gym hopping through membership in the national fee system.
The parents do not and should not run this sport.

Coaches, we need to take control. Shame on you. Lets unite and fix this.
If a student from classes gym hops, then the next gym owes you. If a team member gym hops, then the next gym owes you. If a coach gym hops, then the next gym owes you. Etc.
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THis thread is so dead. When you think the the gym owners and coaches are the only ones with a vioce you have clearly lost the plot Stretch.

Parents are the advocates for their kids and the CB is built on strong parents, smart coaches, savvy owners and very cool gymnast, who all have a voice and will use them and their wallets to do the talking necessary.
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