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Jan 17, 2008
It depends on what level you are I copied this off the Region 4 website. Good luck!
Level 9 & 10 Gymnasts

34.00 AA at State Meet
9.00 for Event Specialists
Level 8 Gymnasts

Level 8 Super Team - Saturday Night (63 Gymnasts)
  • Top 9 Level 8 gymnasts from each State, regardless of age group
  • Top 8 Gymnasts compete in their respective State Team Group, #9 Gymnast competes in the All State Group
  • All Gymnasts scores are eligible to count towards the Team Score (Top 5 out the 9 scores on each event)
  • Gymnasts will be split into two Age Groups, Junior/Senior for individual awards
Level 8 Individual Sessions - Sunday All Day (180 Gymnasts)
  • Level 8 gymnasts will guarantee qualification by scoring 36.50+ AA at State Meet
  • Gymnasts scoring below a 36.50 will be picked up in order by State AA score to fill all remaining spots
  • Gymnasts will be split into 6 Age Groups (Youngest/Morning, Middle/Afternoon, Oldest/Evening)
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