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If at all possible, I would like to start an acro program in region 8 when I move there next year. Problem; there are no other acro gyms in the region which means at least a 4 hour drive to compete (to Missouri or Ohio from Tennessee). Would it be a good idea or would the idea just completely fail? Of Course I would have to get approval from the gym; but just and advice or thoughts or anything that may possible help me start the program or to not even try to start one.

Parents- would any of you be willing to drive 4 hours for a meet?
I know in Texas it was a minimum three hour drive for me to go to a meet when I would competing and we would even drive 7 hours but I don't know about anywhere else. Because Texas was so big it was no big deal to drive a long way away for a meet but I don't know about Tennessee because it is a much smaller state than Texas or if would even matter.


Jan 31, 2008
I would not worry about the competition first. I would set up a recreational/fun class first (entice children in who have left artistic/cheer). See if the interest is there. Hold an in-house competition at the end of the year. Hopefully you can build a supportive group with in your club.

If that all goes well, mention a sanctioned comp in another state. Hopefully they will be hooked and eager to make the drive. Contact Tennessee USAG and see if they would be willing to bring in a presenter to run a course on Acro for all clubs within the state.
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