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We are a small gym in Region 8, 2 optionals and about 20 compulsory gymnast. None of our coaches or gym representatives are scheduled to go to the Region 8 Regional Congress. My questions are; will we miss out on a lot of new information, as parents should we suggest someone go, have parents ever attended just to bring back information. Your thoughts are appreciated.
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Regional Congresses are for Professional USAG members- coaches, judges, gym owners- so its set up to cater to that dynamic. A parent w/ no or limited gymnastics knowledge probably wouldnt even know where to start as far as choosing which sessions to attend, etc. (For instance, there are multiple sessions on the womens JO track.)

A better idea than a parent attending is maybe your parents group or a group of parents could offer to pay the fees to send a couple coaches. I'm sure that would be very appreciated and more beneficial. Also, if the staff attends, be prepared for workout to be cancelled for a couple days so the coaches can travel/ attend.


Many Booster clubs send their coaches to Congress. Sometimes the owners do in lieu of Boosters.

Unless a parent really wants to go they should focus on their coaches going first unless those coaches don't/can't.

A lot of the information is also disseminated on the USAG and state/region sites but it's just gone over in person a bit more throughly with a Q&A. Sometimes this is before it gets posted.

There is a lot of good stuff at Congress but veteran/Master level coaches probably don't get much out of them. A tidbit but sometimes a tidbit or being reminded of certain things, helps.


Nov 12, 2007
Anyone who is going and filming, let me know, cause i would be keen to buy any good footage from lectures you get.
Plus if anyone have any of the USECA videos let me know as i would be keen to buy a copy from you (2005+ series)
The idea of offering to send your coach(es) is wonderful. I, personally, love going to congress, but cannot currently afford it. Even if someone offered, it would take some major life rearranging right now, but I would make it happen! If I were you and I could afford it or the other parents were willing to pitch in, I would offer, but be ready for your coaches to be unable to go due to life circumstances. :)


An interesting alternative. Online video congress. A gym could easily subscribe and instead of spending $200 a head split that costs amongst their staff. That means it might only cost the gym $10/head. It would be best to organize staff to view all the same time and have one person type in any questions live while hooking the computer up to a big screen or projector. Perhaps some added cost there, but nothing undoable, especially as you can save on hotel, food, and travel.

It will depend if the sessions will be worthwhile.

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