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Regional Weekend #1

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by skschlag, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Love new skill season!!
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  2. Regional Update- My son made nationals as a JE! Level 8- 12 year old. He didn't have a great regional meet- he fell twice and then fell once on tech sequence. Without those falls he probably would have made the elite team camp- but hey- HE MADE IT! I am so proud of him. :)
  3. My son made Nationals! Now, to figure out how to ask my principal for a week off in May. :rolleyes:
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  4. Yup! And the week before STAAR! (I put it in in February because I figured I could always cancel it so it was already approved)- Congratulations BTW! What level is he?
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  5. Luckily this year I need 1 less day off, and I have enough days left that they won't dock me. The district thinks they pay me a lot more than I think they pay me! That was a shocker, but well worth it!

    We may need a CB meet up!!
  6. Level 9 13 year old.
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  7. Yes!!!!!
  8. My son and his teammate both qualified to Nationals. Oklahoma City here we come.
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  9. See you there! I think our regions are practicing together on Wednesday!
  10. We will be at Nationals too. Excited for all the boys!
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  11. We practice Wednesday at 8am for national. When does everyone else practice? For people who have been before- do you go to the opening ceremony?
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  12. Yes, we went last year. It was awesome. And D is getting Academic All American so he will want to go.

    We practice right after you....
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  13. Congratulations to all! Regionals was not a great day for my guy (well, the words "dumpster fire" come to mind . . .) but we'll be cheering you on from home and hoping for an even bigger meetup next year.
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  14. What is Academic All American?
  15. He had to apply....it has to do wtih grades/community service. starts in high school
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  16. Gotcha! Thanks!
  17. That is awesome! So proud I got to see my L9/13 win L9 JE AA Regionals days before I deployed. I will have to monitor Nationals from an austere location via MSO and Facebook live if I'm willing to wake up at 2am for that feed. I know the highlight of my son's gym career was opening ceremonies in BC, MI when USAG still had funds to host a live music concert as part of opening ceremonies. The lawsuits and payouts have taken their toll, but the guest speaker and announcement of the Academic All-Americans are definitely worth watching. Enjoy that week - the time is precious.
  18. Congratulations to your son! Thank you for your service!!
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