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Oct 26, 2007
DD is currently taking a beginning ballet class right now and I am trying to decide what to sign her up for next year. She could take another ballet class which she likes sometimes and other times dosen't. She love the performance part though. Our she could take a ballet class that is specifically for gymnasts. There is no performance with this class but it would be so much easier to work around her gym schedule. Which class would be better benefical for her gymnastics?
I am sure it depends on the teacher/school, but:

DD has been in both, and my dd (and I both) personally prefer the regular ballet class to the gym ballet class.
I tried to get my dd to take ballet years ago and she refused - she hates it - still does. Now of course she has no choice since it is part of her training. Would they let her try both for a week or two so she could decide which she likes better?
I'd encourage her to go with the class that gives her a chance to perform. Many gymnasts dont like ballet as much as gym and having a chance to go on stage and perform gives them that extra motivation to go along to classes and try hard and work towards the goal. Otherwise ballet becomes that boring thing they have to do for their gym and they dont try.
DD1 has been doing regular ballet for 3 1/2 years. Two recitals a year, and a solo in the spring show. The school she attends is attached to the gym and makes accomodations for gymnasts. Classes are always scheduled on off gym days. Our gym does not offer ballet or any dance especially for gymnasts, although they talk about adding dance every year.

I have found it to be good for her, more friends and something else besides gym. Gymnasts who do dance seem to be a little more prepared for the dance part of their routines on floor and beam. But it has to work for your family and your schedule. And if you think leo's are expensive, wait until you have to buy pointe shoes, and you even have to sew the ribbons on when you buy them! One of the other families at our gym tried to do ballet at a different studio and the schedule was a real headache.

All that being said I recomend dance, if you can fit it in, it's a natural for our little performers.
If she enjoys the class that stresses performance and you can fit it in the schedule and budget then let her do it. The performance aspect will help her with her floor and even beam routines. Plus as someone else mentioned, she has fun with it.
Ballet was not "exciting" enough for my dd. She does not love the ballet at the gym either, but knows it is good for her. Her leaps have improved so much. They also work on making the floor and beam look pretty and perfect each movememt. I think it does more for them than regular ballet. Just my opinion.
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