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Jul 17, 2007
Region 1
My DH is retiring from the military in a couple of months and we are thinking of relocating.

Does anyone live in Boise, Idaho or Colorado springs, CO? These are two places that seem to meet all the conditions that we have set. I would love to hear from anyone who lives or has lived in either place. The good, the Bad or the ugly would be helpful!
Thanks, Pam
Nov 5, 2007
We live in North Idaho and like it alot.My DD gym is really great.Her gym was the host of Western Nationals last year and had a few of their girls qualify.Let me know if you would like more info.


We are active duty military and looking for information about the best areas to live in around Ft Lewis, WA and of course for information on the best gyms in the Ft Lewis, WA area.
Aug 3, 2007
We have never lived in either place but we went to a meet last year in Colorado Springs. We absolutely loved it! It would be a geat place to live! The meet was hosted by a gym called Aerials, and we really enjoyed being there. One of the best yet. Good luck with your decision.
Feb 15, 2008
Hi there. I'm probably biased, but I grew up in Boise. It's a great place. It's still kind of "small town", but has a lot of the comforts of city living. If your're into outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, rafting, skiing, mountain biking....ad nauseaum) you'll enjoy the area. Northern Idaho is also very beautiful. The cost of living isn't too outrageous here. Some areas are more expensive than others. The North End of Boise has a lot of historic (pricey) houses. The feel of that area is kind of laid back (think affluent, "hippie" types). Eagle (a town/ Boise suburb) is pretty spendy too. But, there was a big construction boom and a lot of newer, nice houses sitting vacant waiting for you all over the area. There are two larger hospitals and a VA hospital. The only complaints I have are the traffic (what can you do?) and the general urban/suburban sprawl that has taken over most agricultural areas I remember from my childhood. That having been said, I would love to spend some time in Colorado! Good luck.


My nephews live in Colorado Springs and they absolutely love it. I've gone there on vacation and everytime I go, I don't want to leave. Its absolutely beautiful.
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