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1. RUN!!!!!!!! (on vault i apparently don't run..)
2. stay tight!!
3. get your feet together in your roundoff! they're like, T H I S F A R A P A R T! *as she stands with her feet over-exageratingly far apart*

i have to add another one..
4. Stop making that face!! YOU MAKE THAT FACE ON EVERY EVENT
1.Flat hips
3.belly's in
4.HEAD (as in head up and show off)
one thing our coach always says to us when we do a move wrong and go 'slpat' is "really, please stop giving me heart attacks"
1) The beam is your FRIEND! Stop looking at it like that!
2) Go for it!! Stop being a chicken! ( often followed by taunts of "bock bock bock!"):) a bit insulting to chickens, perhaps.
3) Lean over the bar!

Not just to me, but to all the younger optionals: " Sometimes, I wish you were all 65. Perhaps then you would gain a LITTLE maturity? "
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1. SQUEEZE! (legs, arms, butt, you know...)
2. Show it off!
3. Stop giving me a heart attack! or Are you trying to give me gray hair?
:D Love my coach!
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