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Hello I was wondering if the one girl ever posted a picture of the pink replica leo. We ordered the one from discount leo but it has been two weeks and we havent recieved it. Thank you.:D


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Feb 26, 2007
No I don't believe she did. I just ordered the purple one from the GK outlet, can't wait to see what that looks like.


I love purple and some replica leos I got

I would love to see it. We got a replica leo of the usa and red with star from melody leotards on ebay for about 30 a piece. They were a little different from the original but very cute. Here I will try to post a picture. here are some links the auctions are over but she could still make them. Adult xs AXS USA Team Red Star Gymnastics Leotard NWT! - eBay (item 350093785374 end time Aug-31-08 15:12:43 PDT) and
Adult xs AXS US Team Blue USA Gymnastics Leotard NWT! - eBay (item 350093662946 end time Aug-31-08 15:07:52 PDT)


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