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I can't post in the other thread but I wanted to start a new one so gymnasts an say what they their experience with coaches leaving are.

Two of my coaches left and I was really sad. I have known them for a really long time and it is hard, I won't deny that. With today's technology it is easy to keep in contact. That really helps. Between e-mail, letters, and everything else. Even having your coach get a chalkbucket could help.

One of my other coaches left and I just found out yesterday. She left on a day that I wasn't there so I didn't get to say goodbye. I'm sad but I know she will come back and say bye or give me her number so we can hang out. I hope your DD continues doing what she loves. :D
Dec 8, 2007
When I was a level 5 the level 6 coach left so when I moved up we had a girl who was on the team but graduated but then she had to go back to college after summer so we got another girl who graduated a while before this girl but then she left right after states so then we got another girl who graduated but shes still there!!
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