For Parents Report From South State level 6

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Oct 12, 2009
South Texas
Ok, It was not Big D best performance, but she is happy and I am happy too.

First went Bars, she did a great routine, her casts were above 45 and so was her clear hip circle, but not nearly close to a HS (she is working on that) at her gym they don't let the girls cast to HS while arching, because It is a deduction. I saw several girls casting to HS and get lower scores than Big D, because they were arching or couldn't make the connections or the baby giant, so I am happy with the way she has being coached for bars. And she finally stuck her landing in her layout flyaway, no steps. She got a 9.1 and 3rd Place.

Then came Beam, her best event so far this season, well she was nervous didn't fall, but wobble more than usual, her score was a 8.95 (first 8 of the season), she got 3rd place (1st place was 9.25), so I guess the judges were really tough on beam this time, because I didn't see many 9's.

Floor, was ok, she tripped on one leap, her tumbling was nice. Good routine, not her best, got a 9.05 and 6th place.

Vault was good for her, she has being slowly improving here, got a 9.0 and 8th place.

So she placed in all 4 events, they were given medals to the top 9 places.

Top 10 girls in each age group qualified for State, she got 36.1 and 4th Place. So she has 3 weeks to clean the level 6 routines for State and start working on her level 7 routines for January.

Best part of all was that all her team mates qualified to State too, and they got 3rd Place small team out of 19 teams. So is going to be a fun travel meet for us with ALL the girls going to State.:)
Feb 26, 2007
Congratualtions on a great meet and making it to States too. I understand gymnastics is big in Texas, lots of gyms, lots of very strong gymnasts and getting to State is an echeivment.

Lovely that the whole team qualified.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sounds like she did very well, good for her! Hope that her and all her teammates have a great time at States!!


Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
What a great meet! I hope the beam goddess smiles on both of our gymmies soon!! What a fun time your team is going to have at states!! Congrats!!


Congrats to her and her teammates! Sounds like the whole team did a great job.
Sep 9, 2008
Great job! Congrats to your dd for qualifying for States! How exciting that she did so well and her teammates also! What a fun time for them all!


Congrats! How neat that her teammates will be at States with her! Good luck!
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