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hi, we moved from Peru,:) my daughter is level 10 and she is 11years. I was dissapointed she wil not be allowed to compete regionals or statals if she doesn't make necessarily from level 6. why this "long rule"? why not, for example, you must live a year here or another rule. we are living here now and it is sad she only can make the sanctioned competitions.:confused::(


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Jul 5, 2007
I am not sure I understand, if she will be competing L10 in the US? My understanding from other situations re: non-citizens at 9/10 regional and national competitions was that now they can compete but aren't eligible for awards. I'm not sure if there is a time period for when that can begin.

If you mean she has to move through the levels here, that I am actually not sure about. There is probably some "petition" process through the regional technical coordinator (RTC) that allows her to enter at the appropriate level.

Can you tell some more details about the problems she is having?


The decision about this girl entering as a Level 6 came directly from the Women's Program Director at USAG; so, NO, she can't submit to the RTC for another level.

Sounds like your daughter's coaches just don't want to waste time teaching her Level 6 routines. Especially since she is a National Team Member in Peru, and has so many opportunities in her future to compete for her country!

Competing JO just to go to state and regionals is not so important for her future...
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