Anon Required Staff Training TW: mentions of SafeSport material

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Feb 16, 2022
Hello all, I am going to be briefly mentioning some squeamish topics, but nothing grotesque. Just want to give that warning.

Anyways, I’m a coach at a small gym that doesn’t go to meets or events. But they have a ‘team’. What I’m here to ask is, is there required sexual abuse training under the law? When I coached at a USAG certified gym that went to USAG sanctioned meets, I had to do SafeSport training. Yet, at this current gym, there’s no mention of that or any other certified training. I find it odd that an organization that works with kids can just…not train staff about that subject.

As an athlete was formerly abused by her coach, this subject is important to me. I believe that training to recognize and prevent abuse is essential, so it’s distressing to see a lack of knowledge amongst my peers.

TLDR are non USAG gyms required to do SA training under the law?
My daughter’s old NGA gym was about as cheap and crappy as can be, and all their team coaches had safesport certifications. I suspect NGA forced them to.
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