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Club Owner / Manager
Jan 18, 2009
Malta, NY
Has any gym owner/coach used the Resilite holiday gift program? I like the margins for the owners but all our equipment is AAI/TumblTrak. Would hate to sell something that isn't high quality. Any experience with the company would be appreciated.
we did the program last year and are doing it again this year. I haven't personally seen or used the equipment, but it was mostly pre-team & level 4 parents that bought and all were happy with the equipment to my knowledge. I know the kids use it all the time and they loved their pink beams :)
I had a resilite mat growing up and it was great, not that I did much difficult tumbling on it. Like Chalkbowl said, it's going to be mostly rec and lower level team kids that order, so I'm sure they aren't expecting competition quality.
We use it and customers have been very happy. As others have said, mostly rec parents and level 3/4 parents will buy the stuff up. They like it because the shipping is free (gets sent to the gym). We like it because they give a gym a credit for each thing sold, so we are able to get a few new free mats.
Great! I just ordered a bunch of brochures from them. I talked to a bunch of rec parents that were interested too. We'll see how it goes. :)
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