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Gift idea for a great coach
My daughter has one coach that has really helped her out & gone above & beyond. Next weekend my DD is going solo to a meet with this coach & I would really like to have my daughter give her a little inexpensive something, just to say "thank you". Is it appropriate? And, any suggestions?

I wanted to put this in this forum so gymnasts could give ideas too. I agree with whomever said to take a picture and frame it with the date. That is a great idea. I think a letter is a great present. Letters are always great and they last forever!!
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what my team did is we got a plain orange (his favorite color) t-shirt and got printend on it Gene ( his name) and Energym ( the name of uor club) and he wheres it to all of our meets. so ya you can do that!!!!
Oct 15, 2007
For our coach, we bought a white pillow case and we all signed it with a little note about our appreciation for her, and we put a little gymnast doing a walkover on it, and framed it.
but since you want to do something a little more personal (if it's just your daughter) i would suggest maybe just a framed pic like said above, or maybe taking her to a little restaraunt after a meet for lunch or dinner. hope this helps! keep us updated on what you eventually decide to do for her and tell us how it turned out!
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