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Resume for Xcel coach

Discussion in 'Coach Forum' started by Gotmarriedinvegas, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. I took on the role Xcel (silver) coach just this summer. We have not gone to competition yet, but I have been having the girls prepare and have helped them develop routines. I have created short term and long term goals for the girls too.

    I plan on continuing in as their coach so the purpose of my resume is not to get a new coaching job, but a day time office job. My gym employer is aware of this. Anyway, I need some help updating my resume to reflect my new role with Xcel. Anyone have any great job skill descriptions (you know the highlights you put under your employers name and your job title) that can get me started?
  2. I would use any paperwork. Meet entries, handouts to parents, etc...
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