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Hi All, I was on the forums for quite a while several months back - mostly lurking. But the life got too busy and I couldn't keep up with the messages. Well, I'm back, looking for some kinship with fellow parents.

DD is 7 and made the rookie team this summer. In our gym in NC, they compete only Prep-op until level 7, then go through 7-10 as usual. Rookie is roughly equivalent to level 4, though I personally think level 4 routines are harder than most rookie routines. (my opinion, but what do I know? LOL)



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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi - Welcome back.

We are in NC too. Our gym does compulsories in the fall and optional (rookie/prep-op) in the spring so we do both seasons.

DD is L3 for the fall. Moving up in Jan. She just turned 8, has all L4 skills. Working on making things pretty
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