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My daughter has just gotten over an illness that took her out of the gym for a month. she has started back and is having trouble because her skills are not where they used to be. We are close to competition season.I've told her she need not do the first couple of meets but she just can't imagine not being with her team for every meet. She's never missed one before. Any advice? How do i prepare her for what will probably be a long re training process?
Jul 12, 2007
momofagymmie - Hope your dd is feeling great!! :D When is her 1st meet? We had a couple of girls out for different reasons over the last summer - 1 for 6 weeks, when they returned they also struggled some with their skills - but the muscles and the mind remember, and they are better then EVER!! - your dd will be great and this time will soon be a long lost memory!! just tell her to be patient, don't get frustrated because that could hold her back more then anything, do her best and she will be back in shape in no time - good luck and let us know how she is doing - nic


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Feb 5, 2006
With lots of patience and encouragement your daughter will do awesome. As IGM stated the skills will come back with time, frustration will be the only factor to slow her down. Keep encouraging her and communicate with the coaches!

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Dec 23, 2006
Momo---we went through something similar last year. Daughter developed jumper's knee and basically for 3 weeks, she just sat. And of course it happened in late July and the season started in early Sept. She was able to do strength and stretching during that time, but had to sit and watch her teammates get their flyaways off bars(L6) and do lots of floor etc. She was able to do bars after 3 wks, but no dismount, some beam and then her PT gradually added things.

It is very hard to get them to take it easy and build back up slowly. This is what her PT told her---she could try and rush it and probably end up hurting herself again or do it as the PT planned and have a good healthy season(once she got back). I imagine since your dd was sick and out for a month she may have to work on her endurance as much as the skills. Have you talked with the coaches about having her compete a meet or 2 doing only a couple of events while she gets her skills back? That at least keeps her in the competitive mindset and she is with the team.


I was out of gym recently for 6 months because of a situation with moving. I got back and now I am better than ever! When I quit I was a 6 and I competed until state then I came back and finished 6; now I'm a 7 ! I think that with a positive attitude she will do great, it really helped me ! It is a lot of work but it will all be worth it in the end! Good luck! ;):D
Oct 1, 2007
Campbell, CA

Dear momofagymmie:

All girls eventually get injured so they should mentally be prepared for the prospect of undergoing some kind of rehabilitation. In your dd's case her absense from the gym was due to an illness. But the same rules apply. The process she is undergoing is as much mental as physical. It is another challenge, another skill which she must overcome with patience, determination and wisdom. This can be a learning experience which will serve her well in the future in higher levels of competition. Developing the mental discipline and patience to wisely follow a conservative rehabilitation program will help you dd to be an even better gymnast.

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