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Jun 2, 2015
Which GB gymnasts do you think will be picked to be on the Rio 2016 team? I noticed Rebecca Tunney is back competing at the British and is looking good!
A lot can happen in 4 months.

But based on the weekend I agree, Becky, Ellie, Amy, Claudia...

Fifth spot could really be anyone's.
I'm rooting for Ruby or Gabby but suspect Tunney.
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I don't like Tunney's gymnastics. Personal opinion obviously.

I'd like to see gabby or ruby. Kelly Simm too.

I'd like to think Catherine Lyons is still in the running, but suspect she's done.
I agree with the general consensus - Downies, Amy, Claudia and then I am hoping Gabby can get back to something like full strength, I love her gymnastics, or possibly Ruby, who is such a fighter. I think Kelly will struggle on performance so far this year, although I like her, and it looks as though Catherine is not going to be ready.
However I also suspect they will go for Tunney and I am also not a fan - there's a scruffiness to her gymnastics and a general lack of performance.
Is it three count on each piece? I'd go:
Bars - Becky D, Claudia (?)
Beam - Becky D, Claudia, Amy (?)
Vault - Ellie , Claudia, Amy
Floor - Amy, Claudia, Ellie

Floor and vault are solid with the above. They need another bar worker and maybe beam. Catherine would have been perfect, Ruby or Gabby would be ok if they can work out beam, but Tunney might just have it on bar scores.
It is 3 up 3 count in team finals but need 4 on each piece in prelims. And they have to be strong enough to compete the 2 days without fading.

So with Amy Ellie and Claudia aa (unless something changes) and Becky bars and beam, the 5th person needs have a reliable decent floor and vault but have good bars and beam just in case. Because as mentioned above they might (or likely) be needed on bars in team final, but will def need to do floor and vault in prelims.

Now that should really favour a top form Kelly and she is looking good coming back so far.

But Ruby and Tunney have decent vaults, beam and good bars. Not sure about their floors being their best piece but they are usable . I have a soft spot for Ruby, and Tunneys bars are looking lovely (not keen on her other pieces). Ruby came 3rd on both bars and beam in the finals.

Tunney seemed to fade the second day while Ruby and Kelly didn't. I think the last spot and reserves will come from these 3.

I don't think Gabby or any of the others are up there on the right pieces really. I am hopeful that Catherine, Ty, Gabby and GM will slot into various worlds teams etc in the future. The Academy girls also look very good (Solari and Turner) . I wouldn't be surprised if they make some teams at world and European level.
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No Amy in the nominative list for the Europeans.
We've got the Downies, Ruby, Tunney, Claudia.
I know this has the disclaimer that it will be confirmed next week, but I wonder if this will be the Rio team.
I think Amy is a lock for Rio. The last spot is probably between Ruby and Tunney . I am sure both will do euros to be compared. Amy did scam cup so maybe she will sit this one out?
okay so, final trails are done, the girls will know in a week or so and we'll know 12th July. my final team prediction is: E.Downie, B.Downie, Amy, Frags and Gabby (Ruby as reserve)
what are your finals teams??

Read this earlier, thought it interesting.

Could Catherine Lyons and Kelly Simm still be in the mix? Seems risky considering they've not competed all year.

Catherine Lyons I think could cause a stir if she does go- there's the potential to really catch the public attention, almost Korbut style. I don't think she has any chance of a medal though, unless she's really upgraded.
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