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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Well, my little girl got her first rips today. She got 3 of them. Ouch. She instantly broke into tears and then came to find me. We went to the office and the gym owner cut off the excess skin and bandaged her up and she went back out to the gym.

At home was a whole different story. She cried and cried and cried, couldn't hold her fork for dinner, cried when I washed her hands. Oh my goodness.

Anyway, I read some stuff online about rips care and I put some neosporin and some plastic wrap with tape over it.

Should I do anything else? How long do they usually take to heal? Should I tape her hands for practice on Wednesday? Her show is on Saturday, she says now she will never do bars again, so I hope they are better by then.

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A couple of good articles on rips. You did the right things already, it will feel abit better by Saturday. Have the coach tape her hands, there is a right way that will not roll up and rub more, then you will see how.

I remember my little one's first rips, she walked around the gym showing everyone her rips, so proud!!! She isn't as impressed now when they happen. :D

Tell her that she's now is the big kids gymnastics club, you need at least one rip for that!
I find the best way to do bars with rips is to tape a ballon to the rip. It sounds a bit crazy but almost takes the paid away completly. The insides of the ballon rub together on the bar and take away the friction. Basically it acts like a second set of skin. The inside of the ballon stick to the skin and the second side of the ballon rubs against the inside while on bars instead of against the skin.
Yeah - those first rips are definitely a rite of passage. After a while their hands do toughen up and don't rip as often. We always just did neosporin for rips and had the coach do tape grips for bars until it healed. Somehow the drama always increases a least 10x from the gym to home. Hope her little hands are all better soon.
Our coaches make the first rip out to be something special. They get video taped and everyone tries to think of something that the rip looks like. (Last night a new level 5 ripped for the first time and the vote was it (the rip) looked like an upside down heart.

DD has ripped several times and she tapes it there, comes home and soaks it so we can get rid of the extra skin sticking up, the my tape it for the next practice if they are on bars o/w will just let it go.

When the girls get rips @ our gym they think it is cool - especially the first couple. They have to show all the bigger girls and all the parents who are watching :D
Tea bags. Apply warm and wet to the hands. Hold for about 15 mintues. Do it morining and night. It stings a little, but promotes healing and toughens the skin.
We use the tea bag trick. My dd does tea bags for about 15 mins and then I put neosporin on the rip and socks on her hands. That is how she goes to bed. She got a really bad rip right before her first meet!! We did the tea and slept in socks with neosporin for 2 nights and she was good to go by the meet.
Thanks everyone! I was confused at first because I always let blisters dry out, but after reading everything I dusted off my rusty nursing skills and treated it like a burn. I used these bandages (cut in small pieces to put on each rip) and some Coban and she is doing good today, no complaints all day. We will see how it goes tomorrow. I will tape her hands before practice.
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