Rips - surgical spirit?

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Oct 5, 2008
Does anyone else use surgical spirit on rips, and also to prevent rips?
I'd never heard of anyone using it before until my new coach came here and i ripped and she put surgical spirit on my hands as it cleans it and then hardens the skin. It's horribly, horribly, hooorribly painful but seems to work pretty well.
She told us to rub it into our hands every day and moisturise them, so that's what i do - i still rip quite a bit though!
It's really funny, cause it hurts sooo much and so whenever someone rips, we try to get them to put surgical spirit on and end up chasing them round the gym with it cause they refuse to put it on!
It is like rubbing alcohol, it must be agony putting that stuff on. I stick with vit e or handy balm, mpoisturize.

Ooh it hurts just to think about that stuff.:eek:
Surgical spirit is old school. I used to put it on and in between my toes twice a week because I couldn't dance adagio in pointe shoes without slicing them up. Bogwoppit is right, its essentially alcohol by another name. I started using it on the advice of a doc, who said it was also commonly used for the feet of diabetics but I don't remember why. They must have soft skin or skin prone to ripping(?)

If you're concerned about it's viability as a skin toughener or want to get a specific application regimen I would ask a doctor.
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