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My DD moved up to the level 4 pre-team last week :applause:! Next thing you know, she got her first rip from bars tonight. Anyone have any great remedies? Her coach said aloe vera and wear a sock to bed which we did, but she said it stung alot. At least she has 3 days off from gym now, so it should heal up before she's back on bars again.
Congrats on first rip!

Not much you can do; they happen, they heal, training goes on.

My kids to take pride in their rips; they're the marks left by hard work!
Check out the forum headed "bars!!!" It has some great ideas. Our coach says to use Eucerin cream or chapstick at night before bed and sleep in gloves or with socks on your hands. Also, use lotion whenever you can. My daughter wants to get rips b/c she considers it a battle scar, especially when she is working so hard to achieve a new skill. We got a couple of rips yesterday from doing a private lesson. She worked bars for about 25 minutes straight.
Soak a teabag in warm water and then put that on the rip. It stings, but helps heal rips super fast! I ripped two days before sectionals and was ready to compete perfectly.
Hand e-balm works great to soothe & keep the hands soft... no neosporin because it can dry the area out, which can lead to ripping it again. We use the hand e-balm everyday just because it is also a great hand moisturizer, which can help to avoid further rips. Make sure the area stays clean - don't want it to get infected...

during class some of the girls wear 2nd skin over the rips, and then wrap the area, but our coach wants to make sure they clean the area well & avoid wearing 2nd skin after practices - this can really dry out the area as well which can add to re-ripping the rip - OUCH

oooops forgot CONGRATS to your little one on level 4 p-team AND on getting her 1st rips!!! :)
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"The only thing more fun than rips is when your rips get rips" Stick It
My daughter used Preparation H. Rub some on the rip at night, and it's healed by the morning! But, make sure your daughter never, ever announces out loud at a grocery store that she needs more Preparation H! Others outside the gym world just don't get it. Good luck.
Yup, Prep H works well for my daughter. She even keeps a tube in her gym bag---not sure why because you don't put in on in the middle of practice! We have done that and the sock on the hand at night. For a bad rip her coaches will make the tape grips for the girls to use during practice.

As GT said, many of the kids celebrate their 1st rips. Mine went to school with her hand all taped up(she didn't need the tape, but insisted). Of course this lead to many questions from classmates and she was very proud to take the tape off and show them all what a rip looks like. Between the rips and some bruises on her legs, we had to explain to her teacher these were all normal gym injuries and she was NOT being abused at home.

As your dd does more bars, her hands will toughen up. Then you want to use a good lotion(many are suggested here) and shave down the calluses. Will all that prevent more rips---no, but it should limit the number she gets.
well i have two ways.
one is during class use tape grips they really help.
another is use this stuff called bag balm. its actually made for cow udders but they now sell it at drug stores because it helps with skin problems and things like rips. but you just put some on your hand at night and wear a sock over your hand and the rip will fully heal in at least 2 nights 3 at the most
congrats on making level 4 pre-team have fun!!!
I just put chapstick and a bandaid on it. i didn't know there were better ways. lol. and i wish i could have gotten to level 4 before getting any rips. when i started, i always ripped on back hip circles. i think i held the bar too tight or something.
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