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Apr 17, 2022
My DD got the biggest rips the other day she has ever gotten.

Her gym wants you to have either a Kip or high bar consistently to get grips. I know grips won’t stop the rips but it does have a barrier.

She will tape her hands for now.

Just wanted to vent and see if anyone had any other suggestions.


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My daughter used RipFix for small rips. For really big ones or times that she needed them to heal ASAP because of meets she would use tea bags and preparation H.
Duoderm patches work wonders (Order from Amazon). Heals them from inside out. Best used if they can stay on more than one day.

Make sure her hands are moisturized, not overly soft though. you want to keep the calluses from getting hard . We load hands with Bagbalm and wrap with gauze at night (she looks like a boxer) when they feel really rough. She hasn’t had rips in years.
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My daughter got rip after rip after rip after rip. To the point that she hated bars and started losing skills because she was holding back on her power in fear of ripping again. Honestly, I thought she might quit gym over it.

The fix was ultra regular moisturizing with some special (but not gymnastics specific) hand balm, and irregular light usage of pumice n the shower. After about a month her old rips were healed and her new ones were much less frequent. At this point she's more powerful than ever and seems to have very durable hands.

The thing that did not work was extensive use of tapping. In fact, I think the usage of tape allowed her skills to progress beyond what her hands were capable of dealing with which led to even more (and worse) rips. For that reason, I don't think grips are the answer.
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