RO back handspring need help

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Oct 17, 2009
My coach is training to be a USAG compulsory judge and she scored my level 4 floor routine. I got a 7.5(not that great but i wasnt feeling well and i know my mistakes) and she said i got killed on my round off back handspring because i have bent legs. i have my first meet in 2 weeks and i need drills,tips, ect. on how to straighten them. Please help and thanks!!!!!!
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Nov 4, 2009
North Carolina
Think of the snap down in the back hand spring as the same thing as snapping down your round off. They are both pretty much handstand snap downs.
Try to think about pushing out the ends of your toes. For some reason most people straighten their legs when they do this. This is all assuming you have a good round off.
You can also work the round off up to an 8" mat and eventually do the round off backhand spring up from the floor to the mat. This tend to make the skill turn over more on its own instead of you trying to jump in between the 2 skills.
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