MAG Rocky Mountain Open College Meet

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
We got to go to the Rocky Mountain Open last night and watch Air Force, Arizona State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State, So Cal United, and some guys from the OTC!

First, The level of talent in the Big 10 is incredible! That is going to be one interesting season. I do not think I have been to a meet where so many people stuck dismounts and tumbling passes.

Second, Oklahoma. really just no words. They are so deep, and I love they way Williams uses them in the rotation.

Third,, that definitely played a part! Saw one guy throw up, another dizzy and almost pass out. Hope it doesn't deter people from coming.

Fourth.....sam. His pbar routine is absolutely amazing! 16.6 start value and he nailed it. Few mistakes but for the first time competing it was incredible.

Finally, I just love the energy of a men's college meet. Those teams' fans traveled, and it just made it that much more fun. We loved every minute of it!
That sounds amazing! We love college meets but they are rarely close enough to attend. It sounds worth a plane ride!
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Reactions: jenjean70 has almost all the videos from this meet. Click on Men, then click on videos. Looks like a new feature. I don't believe they had this last year.

Also, if you are looking for college meets, it looks like ESPN is streaming (internet only, no TV) Windy city this weekend. I read it in an article that Minnesota posted.
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