WAG Round off 2 back handsprings?

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Jun 12, 2015
So I have my RO Bhs perfectly. But I'm just really scared to go for a ro Bhs Bhs. I've done it before lots of times and then now I can't seem to be able to do it..I think part of it is that I think too much and scare myself. And i need this skill before the summer is over or else I won't move up! Please help!
I feel ya! It took me a long time to go, even though I could do. Basically, stop thinking. Think about something else... Sing a song or something. Then go. Do it on tumbl trak with a spot, then by yourself. Then do it on floor with a sting mat with a spot. Then by yourself. Then slowly move onto floor. Good luck!
Hate em, won't do them. I'm scared of 2 things (that thank god I never have to do angain) and they are cartwheels on beam and to 2 bhs.
I feel you. I've been working BWO BWO on beam. My first one is solid, but I always hesitate with my second and usually slouch my shoulders and fall to the side :/ it's frustrating because you already know you can do the skill!

But I find I do better if I have great connection and just go right into the next one without even thinking. Your body already knows what to do, but you let your brain think of all the things your supposed to you and you freak yourself out. So as weird as it sounds don't think so much! Just do!

Best of luck to you x
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