Round off back handspring!!

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Hey, I was at gymnastics yesterday and I can do a round off back handspring again! Because I broke my arm doing a standing back handspring about 4 months ago and I couldn't do it or anything else for another 3 months and I just got back into gymnastics about a month ago and I have all of my skills back already, and I also did an aerial on the floor! It was a side/cartwheel aerial! I'm really excited because if I fix up all my skills, well perfect them and get all of my skills looking perfect and really nice I will be able to compete!
Just thought that I should share. If you have broken your elbow (like I did) and you think that you'll never be able to do gymnastics again, think again. I thought the same thing when I broke my arm but then I'm back at gym doing everything that I was doing!!
Ellen =]
Thanks ellzgym for sharing your experience and congrats on the road to coming back :) I will share your story with a girl at my DD gym who also broke her elbow. I am sure it will give her some encouragment! Way to hang in there and wish you the best this year!
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