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Taylor Maltby

Dec 3, 2021
So I have been doing gymnastics for about 2 years now. When I first started I literally knew nothing. I moved to Silver super fast and competed that for a year, and now I am in Gold. Anyway, my round off needs some work. So what happens is my feet don't go together until they land. Its like I am doing a running cartwheel. And I really really want to improve and get the best out of gymnastics. Right now I can do a RO BHS BT. But I want to eventually be able to do a half, full, pike, layout etc. And I really need my round off fixed. Does anyone else have this problem. I have tried to fix it but nothing has worked. If you have a solution please share. Thanks!


Feb 26, 2022
Maybe try handstand snap downs off, with the handstand on a folded panel mat? Or doing it very slowly, from standing, and focusing on getting your legs together? You could stop when you’re in a handstand, put your legs together, and then come down. Also, try not to have your legs super split in the RO. Just a medium straddle.


Oct 13, 2020
My younger sister had this problem, and what she was told to do was that once you are in the middle of the roundoff and are about to pop off your hands, snap your legs together. In the middle. Do you feel that you land before you get the chance to snap? A drill to help is a handstand on a low box (on spring floors) and snap down, practicing with keeping you legs together.
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