WAG Roundoff Backhandspring fear

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May 14, 2010
New Paltz, United States
You might remember that I posted a few months ago about a girl I'm doing private lessons with. She is a cheerleader and wants to get her roundoff backhandspring. We fixed her roundoff which was crooked, we got her jumping and now she does a beautiful roundoff backhandspring...when I spot her. Twice she did it on her own with me kneeling down to spot her. Problem is that she won't do it if I'm not there and often she will bail on the backhandspring totally even when I'm right there. What can I do to help her have faith in herself? She has this move. She will not fall on her head. She knows this, but is still afraid. I am working with her this afternoon and frankly, I have a really bad cold and my back hurts and I'd rather not spot her at all. Ideas?
There's not a lot you can do with vestibular problems like this. It takes time - sometimes a little time, sometimes forever. I recommend going back to whatever step she will do it consistently.
Not open for further replies.