WAG Roundoff Dismount (9.103)

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Jan 11, 2021
DD, an Xcel Gold, was wondering if doing the roundoff dismount on beam with one hand would count. When she uses both hands, it is sloppy and she can’t stick it. When she only uses one hand for support, it is smoother and she can usually stick the landing. We looked through the code of points and didn’t see anything but we could have missed it. Anyone know?


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There is not a one armed round-off dismount in the code. I honestly don't know what I would do with that if I saw it. I imagine there would be execution deductions (amplitude, body shape, etc) I would also imagine there could be an argument to say it wasn't an actual dismount, which would make a significant impact on SV. I would probably call it a dismount and just take the execution...but this choice might be a bit of a dice roll. I would recommend the coach check with the regional xcel chair if this is the direction they choose to go.
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Code says “if a dance or acro is performed that cannot be specifically found in the xcel code of points, the judge may award comparable value part credit if they can recognize the “root” element.”

If I saw a one armed round-off dismount judging a meet I would apply this and give it same value as regular two hand dismount. But I also think it’s a good idea to run it through regional xcel chair if its something being considered.
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