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Dec 30, 2010
sorry - but in my defence I don't think I've posted a brag yet!

My daughter is primarily a floor and vault gymnast, who trains four piece. She was offered a squad place from the rec class at the age of 10, we were told she would get to advanced level at floor and vault in a couple of years (the tiers are novice, inter, advanced, bronze silver and gold) and might compete beam but would never have the upper body strength to compete bars.

Boy has she worked hard! She's not especially talented (she has good flexibility), but just plugs away, week after week, gradually chipping her way up - and loving every minute. She trains 8 hours a week, for something over a year now. She scored out of intermediate level about 6 months after moving to the squad. Tonight she got to ring the bell and show her roundoff tuckback - at her club if someone gets a new skill with good form, they get to ring the bell - it sounds daft but it's a big moment and she was so excited. She isn't working roundoff flic (BHS) because one of her wrists gives way sometimes on backwards moves - it is fine on front walkovers, handsprings, and handspring vaults though. She has exercises for her wrist and has been working the tuckback instead. She is also competing at her first four piece competition in a month. Her bars routine is very simple, but she is suddenly getting some bar skills, she can do a back circle up, cast back circle, squat on, straddle shoot dismount and almost has her 'swing over' on the high bar (I'm guessing this is a baby giant but I'm not very knowledgeable).

Anyway, if you've made it this far thanks for reading! I'm so proud of my girl, she has shown real grit and determination - she's never going to set the world on fire as a gymnast, but she's made lots of friends and has developed so much as a person.
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Proud Parent
Feb 2, 2012
That's really good going, congratulations to your daughter! You're quite right to be so proud of all that hard work. My daughter is trying to get her back tuck on the fast track at the moment and hasn't landed one yet, but I can't wait to see her face when she does. Good luck to your daughter in competitions, it sounds as though she is going to make you prouder yet!


Jan 18, 2009
Congrats! And brag away. Those are some really exciting skills, especially that first official "flip." Sounds like her arm strength has come a long way as well, you definitely need lots of that to manage anything that looks like anything on bars.
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