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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Where do you guys find the music that you/your girls use for floor routines? Are there any particular songs that you've used a lot? Are there any really good ones you've used that you've never seen used by kids from another gym?

We get ours from all over the place. We've used a few TV show intro themes, and of course we use a few that every gym on the planet has kids doing routines to (Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, etc), though we've managed to avoid some of the really cliche ones (that old swing tune that everybody does routines to -- I'm blanking on the name, but I bet a lot of you already know the one I mean).

Lately, having a couple of hard core geeks on the coaching staff (of which I am one), we've begun using tunes from anime shows and videogames (some of our prep-op kids this season are using the Dr. Mario theme from Super Smash Brothers -- it's absolutely perfect as routine music), and some stuff from OCRemix.

Anoybody else have some good ones that aren't used much?
Floor Music? One of a coaches biggest problems- first I would ask you who is choreographing your routines. Coaches that choreograph usually have a better knowledge of what music is out there and what is being overused. Music has to also fit the gymnasts style. Back in HS we used music from Floor Music Express which is still around here is there website, I found another company online dont know much about it though

In college we started using local DJ's to help with music, if you have a parent in your gym that is a DJ or can mix music you can get some real original music.
I actually do sound design and write music myself (I have a full-blown recording studio in what used to be my bedroom), and I've been meaning to try my hand at writing music for routines for awhile, though I haven't done so yet.
THat's really cool. Gymbabis first optional routine music was custom cut for her from a manheim steamroller christmas cd. I still love that music. Her music now is Phantom of the Opera, which is good for big sweepy movements, but the Fum Fum Fum was really great. One of our younger optionals is using it now. I wish I had the software to cut the music, then she'd get exactly what she wanted. There is a guy around the corner that has a whole recording set up, but he had a hard time understanding what we wanted, and everything he gave us had kind of a dark feel to it. Being a gym coach and knowing exactly what you need, where to put the fast parts and where to put the breathers would be great!
When I cheered for my middle school we had the stupidest routine misic ever, and none of it ever made since! I hope whenever I go to high school I hope that we finally have good, cheerleading music. Whenever we were at the championships I felt so embarrased because the school that we were against have a very good routine and music.
Mixing it yourself would be awesome, you would never have to worry about someone having the same music. Others may have different versions but not the same. It can take time at first, but what better way to fit your gymnasts. If the gymnasts were to get music from someone in the community they would have to pay for it also, so if you are wanting you can charge to customize music. And as "GBM" said you will know where the gymnast needs to tumble, and if you are going to have a slow (breather)part. Good Luck!
At our gym, the coaches keep copies of all the floor music. The new Level 8s get a recycled floor routine from a girl who is usually a Level 10. Of course they work on matching the music to the gymnast. Then the Level 8 does 1 or 2 "privates" with the girl who had the music before her to learn the basic routine. Sometimes they have to change a little tumbling or dance to fit the new girl, but it saves parents money for the 1st level of optionals.

Coming from a figure skating background, it is much the same as picking music for a freestyle routine. Movie soudtracks, Broadway musicals are both good sources. Sometimes a movie will not get good reviews, but has good music. Most skating coaches have software to edit music---they choreograph on paper while they cut the music. Maybe you could ask your gymnasts to bring in some music they like---you might be surprised(or horrified), but it may lead to some music you could use. We have a Level 9 who is using some cut from Stomp for her floor ex. Also consider combining 2 pieces of music to make it really interesting.
I actually used music from the DanceDance Revolution game this year. I only compete in highschool gymnastics, but it worked really well for me, since it had a nice upbeat tempo. It was also very original, and I never heard anyone else with the same music. Also, a few of my teammates had a friend of theirs who is a D.J. make a mix of a few songs -- their floor music gets complimented at pratically every meet. :D
My daughter uses the disney parade music from this site. the music is all free, some of it great, some not so good.

Our coach has great music, and has access to someone who cuts and changes it for us. Littlest dd is using winnie the pooh, she hates it, but boy it's cute for a 7 year old!

Our older girls get new music and routines, which are then passed down to the younger girls. We do not have compulsories in Canada, so nobody has to use the same music. That whole compulsory routine/music thing must drive people crazy.

Shakira and Pirates are big at meets here too. Lots of retro 1980's stuff too, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Tainted loved from soft cell . Makes the meet more fun. I loathe the Irish stuff, even though I am Irish, too much Lord of the Dance I think.:D
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we are not even competing yet and the comp. music rings in my head lol... how cool that you guys do only optionals... I hope we can stick around long enough to do op's:D I would love to get into cutting music for gym routines, that actually sound like a lot of fun:)
That Level 5 music has pieces that sound distinctly strip tease-ish to me. I was sitting at practice one day and asked the other parents and they heard it the same way. :D

That Level 5 music has pieces that sound distinctly strip tease-ish to me. I was sitting at practice one day and asked the other parents and they heard it the same way. :D


OH MY GOSH!!! you are so correct... it does sound very ummm, burlesquey - I know not a real word lol, but just seems to fit... kinda creepy
That Level 5 music has pieces that sound distinctly strip tease-ish to me. I was sitting at practice one day and asked the other parents and they heard it the same way. :D


Totally right!:rotfl: I hate that music.
After you listen to it 6000 times over two years now, it loses all sense of any other meaning. :) Keep reminding yourselves that it's many, many times better than the prior L4 and L5 music, which was elevator music from Hell! I've always felt most sorry for the judges, who hear it over and over and over.
We had a coed meet once. There's nothing more obnoxious than the beginning of a women's floor routine right in the middle of an iron cross.
i download music from other music sites such as rocket and i also use music that other gymnasts in my groups used along time ago if i think it fits with the routine then sometimes i use it
but u need to b in control of the music u choice dont let others decide 4 u
choicing music can b relly fun
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Are there particular styles that you guys generally like for routine music? I've noticed some gyms use a lot of rock, some use a lot of techno/electronic, etc.

I guess my gym uses a bit of everything. One of the benefits of having several music geeks on staff, I guess :D
to: bopperit
hi, i went to the site you mentioned.
i found a good song, but i have absolutely NO idea how to download it into the com so i can burn it.
i don't understand french.
could you pls tell me howto do it??
thanks :D
Hey piggie acrobat,

next to the title of the piece of music you will see the button that lets you listen to the music.

1. Using your mouse right click on it.
2. A box will pop up.
3. Read down until you see save target as click that
4. Another box will pop up, you will get to choose where to save it on your computer. I usually svae them to a file in "my documents" that I call "floor music", that makes them easy to find.
5. Save it and then you will see it download to your computer.

You will be able to do anything you want to it once it's on your computer. Have fun.
energym music is awesome! You can listen to the demos online for free or purchase cd's.
Although, I'm not sure I'm moving up yet, my coach suggested to start looking at music. My favorites from there are Walk This Way, Footloose, and I love Rock and Roll you can't listen to demos online, but some of the girls at the gym bought the cd's.
I like Heaven is a Place on Earth and Rockin’ Robin
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