Routine-what to add/work on?

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We have a meet coming up (State Games of Oregon) and I'm writing routines. this is my preliminary beam routine, any suggestions?

Jump to straddle split mount, quarter turn to left split, swing leg to pike sit, back shoulder roll, stand up. Full turn, stag jump, cat leap. Half turn leg swing thing to scale (grab back leg and pull to 180), step. choreo. Leap. Backwalkover. Probable more fluff here. Cartwheel to handstand, lower to knee (facing side). swing leg over, stand up, front tuck dismount.


(floor is next. eep)
From what I know, not being a judge, you have all A elements. This is not a bad thing. Strong A elements lead to future B elements. Progress to adding the required B elements and you may well win the competition if you perform all elements well. Performing all required elements sloppily does not insure winning. Strive for perfection at whatever level you are at! This, alone, will lead to success. Work hard and never give up!

Laurie Gallus
Author : Flip Outside The Box
Creative Woman's Gymnastics Elements
Yeah, we have no idea what the requirements are. No one is TELLING us. We wrote to them and nope, no response. We aren't sure if it's modified optional or "show us what you have" or what.

I've not done a B or C on beam in about 3 years, which is silly because I can still do most of the dance Bs and Cs I knew on floor and a lot of tumbling as well. Just putting it on a beam is like "haha no".
Floor Routine MOSTLY done (now it's just doing all 90 seconds of it in 1 go):

Music: Conquistadore (Sabina Cojocar and Beth Tweddle and Annia Hatch all used it).

Skills involved (and I totally take suggestions, bear in mind I USED to tumble really well but am terrified of front tumbling right now b/c I broke my foot reversing from a back to a front. So the not-seeing-the-landing is where the fear is. Silly right?)

Double turn-Wolf jump full.
Roundoff backhandspring layout half.
Switch leap-tuck jump full.
Aerial cw to corner
Roundoff whip bhs tuck OR something forwards but I rather doubt it
Ring leap sheep jump (pose)
Catleap full-cartwheel-Attitude turn-Wolf hop full-handstand roll-sissone
Backwalkover roll down on chest, arch foot over head, roll over to right split-push and roll to straddle, push again through to left split, put foot on head, roll to belly, up.
Double stag or halfturning split leap to corner
Roundoff bhs pike
Split leap side leap to knee. Jump to handstand, half turn down, dramatic pose.

(and writing it out, I see why I was so tired!)

The reason for all the leaps in the middle is because it happens to go REALLY well with the music. Also, if there are enough opportunities to hit 180, I've gotta hit one of them.
Wow! I'm exhausted after just reading that routine! You've got a lot of B elements too. Great job choreographing it. I look forward to reading your beam and bar routines.
I got through it. Whew. Exhausting!

Switch leap 1/2 is easier than switch leap.

Bar routine right now is looking like:
Kip-cast-stalder-kip-squat on

(<3 stalders)

It's been a LONG time since I've done bars though.

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