WAG Running + Tumbling = Fear?

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I'm starting to suspect DD (Xcel Silver) has a fear, or hesitancy, of running before tumbling. Not just on floor, but she has a relatively slow vault run as well - and vault is really running + tumbling, right? I know she's a fast runner outside of gym. She's had a backwards tumbling fear that she's worked on in order to get a standing BHS. However, she can't seem to connect her roundoff to the BHS. In meets, I notice she kind of slows down before her RO (the only other running tumbling pass she has). She has also told me (and coaches) if she could work standing front tucks as opposed punch fronts, because she was scared to run into the skill. I'll talk to her coach about it, but curious if this is a "thing", and if anyone has suggestions. My main concern is making sure the coaches will work with her on this issue.


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We typically start every skill that we learn without a run when learning them... then we add the run later on. If an athlete doesn't really know how to do the skill... speed will make it scarier.

We learn front tucks on a trampoline first... or bouncing on 2 feet on the Tumbl Trak.

Also... we learn BHS-BHS before RO-BHS. We do this down a hill with a spot. That way they already have the ability to connect their tumbling.
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