Parents Sadness approaching "retirement"

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Mine dives for HS too, but still does gymnastics as well. It makes for a crazy fall and I actually don't recommend it. But gymnasts make great divers!!
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What's a mother to do when she feels guilty about making her child quit gymnastics? Lets her keep the dog we've been fostering who she's fallen totally in love with! I actually completed the adoption process on Wednesday, but didn't tell her till Friday when she got home from her last practice. She has changed his name to "Kipper" so he'll always remind her of gymnastics.


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What a cutie! Now that she's home more she will have time to take care of him, until she leaves.

Remember, you didn't make her quit, she chose the semester program which she knew would lead to the end, it's just a little sooner than you both thought. The extra time off at home is an unstick pared gift. Enjoy spending time with her before she leaves.
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