Sample Individual Affirmations

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Possible Goal Affirmations

I am proud to be a member of the Gymnastic Team. It feels fantastic, and I pride myself on the team's TOUGHEST competitor. (There are many goal affirmations you could write).

Here are some supportive (how to) affirmations you may use if some of them describe you as you would like to see yourself become.

I am an aggressive competitor and I really enjoy the challenge of challenging others.

I am a great gymnast with fantastic balance and awareness, and I pride myself in always using intelligence when competing.

I am cool and poised under pressure. A good description of me is ICE-WATER.

I have great pride in my gymnastic skills and play aggressively, never letting anything affect me in competition.

I enjoy being a TEAM player and i know that it takes an all-out team effort to become a champion.

I take pride in being a good citizen--both in and out of the gym.

REMEMBER; We move forward, and become like that which we think about

******************************THINK ABOUT IT*************************************************************************
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