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Mar 9, 2023
Hey, guys! Does anyone have any knowledge on any of the Y's in the SD area? I know nothing about gymnastics and know NO one to ask for advice.
My daughter is attending the Palomar YMCA and she just got invited to join team. We originally signed her up there because I assumed it would be a more affordable option for us but looking at other gym prices I realized its actually the same if not more than some of the private gyms.
I'm really torn and unsure what to do about her placement. I want her to be able to be on team but I also want her to be going to a place where she will be getting decent training don't need "top of the line" training. Just something solid. Like I said I have no idea what is a good gym and what's not and I by no means am a "dace mom" and have unrealistic expectations for her of her gym. I believe as long as she's enjoying herself and trying hard that's really what matters most.
She loves this sport and has expressed that she would love to continue to compete throughout her collage years. I know that it's important to be well trained and dedicated staring at a young age for this sport for this to be at all possible even at a JuCo or a high academic D3.
We live in the Rancho Bernardo area, so we were looking at TRC, but they don't seem to have more than one class available. And another gym in Vista but they have waitlists for every class.
We would be happy to stay at the Y (or even change Y's if its in the area) as long as we know she will have access to proper training and availability to possibly compete at a higher lever some day, that's is if she doesn't decide she hates competing once she tries it out.
I know this is kind of a jumbled post, so any recommendations or comments would be greatly appreciated.