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Great job Chloe and way to stay on that beam. I thought her bars looked good except the fall which I didn't think was worth that much ding on the score.
Great floor routine too. Thanks for sharing the videos:) Chloe is very very good and talented.
That was some serious background beam noise! I wonder if the girls even hear it though, they're usually so focused. I think dead silence is worse (for us moms at least!).

Bars aside, Chloe did a fine job. I love her coaches motto about "experience".
PS: I forgot to mention how great your video quality is Anne. Do you mind me asking what kind of video camera you use.
In is a high 8 panasonic....OSS..actually less expensive than a camera I used to have but great quality....I'll look at it later and give you the exact model.

Not open for further replies.

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