Saying Hey, and finding a gym name.

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Hey, figured I'd let everyone know a little about me to get into this. I'm the co-worker with 8ccuster. We are looking to open a gym a few years out of high school, while we are in college still and we are currently looking for a name if anyone could help us with that. But, I suppose I could start but saying I'm 15 years old I coach gymnastics for Heartland Academy (which no one probably knows of) haha I also competed or their team until level 6 I am a qualified level 7 though. Thats about all i've got to say though i'm hoping to meet alot of new people to talk about things with.



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Sep 3, 2005
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket. I could give you advise all day long so start asking. The main thing that I would say is that your time frame is very your gym a few years after college. College is very, very important and it is really not possible to open a new gym and go to college at the same time.
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