Schedules up as of 9/26/08

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Nov 12, 2007
New England
The following programs have schedules up (though these are oftentimes tentative) as of September 26th, 2008:

Division 1 & 2: Air Force, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Auburn, Ball State, Boise State, Bowling Green, BYU, Brown, Cal, Centenary, UC Davis, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, Central Michigan, Cornell, Denver, Eastern Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Illinois State, Iowa, Iowa State, Kentucky, LSU, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Oregon State, Penn, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Sacramento State, San Jose State, Southern Utah, Stanford, Utah, Utah State, Washington, West Virginia, Western Michigan, William & Mary, Winona. Michigan’s Booster Club also has the Michigan schedule up.

Division 3: Brockport, Cortland Gustavus Adolphus, Hamline, MIT, Ursinus, Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Wisconsin-La Crosse, Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Wisconsin-Stout, Wisconsin-Whitewater

Men's Teams: Air Force, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, MIT, Navy, Nebraska, Ohio State, William & Mary
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