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:confused:For anyone who is an elite do you do school? Are you home schooled or do you leave school early to go to the gym or come late from the gym?


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Jan 4, 2008
Most of the elite's here go to school's who have special programs set up to cope with their training hours. They come to school late most days and leave early, they to a smaller number of subjects and classes than the other kids and just focus on the core subjects.

We also have a few school's that run gyms in their school with elite programs. It works great because the kids can attend classes and gym at the same campus.

Home school is very rare among our elite gymnasts because these flexible situations exsist in their schools.


at my gym you have to be homeschooled, at a lot of gyms that is the case. but at another gym i went to they worked it out with the school so they would just come in late and only take around 4 classes, and have a class during lunch.


Jul 21, 2007
I'm not an elite gymnast but my old teamate is and she goes to a public school that allows her and another girl at the gym who is a level 10 to leave at 12. The other level 10's all go to a Private school that also lets them leave around 12 too to get to practice. They all used to homeschool, including me, but now that their in high school they go to regular school. I have another friend that is an elite gymnast that has been homeschooled all her life. It just depends on what the family wants and what the schools can do to work around it here.


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Feb 9, 2008
My daughter is not an elite but is inspiring to be if she can remain healthy long enough from injury. She is in 9th grade and her coach really wanted her to homeschool. She didn't want to and the other girls that are homeschooled at the gym are younger. Her High School allows her to come in late in the morning and leave early. She takes her math through the districts virtual program and takes one less elective. I find it is good for her to have a balance between the gym world and the real world. I think she will be better prepared to deal with the adult world when the time comes.
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