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So Im a level 8 gymnast. Right now im injured with my back i have a buldging disk in my lower back. Any advice from anyone whos had an experience like this?
And I just hate it when school starts! I hate training and dealing with school work. I have barley any time at all. I start school at 7:20am and bus comes at 6:45am. I get done with school at 2:10pm and arrive home at 2:40pm. From there i do HW and take puppy out.(you see i get home and im by my self until my mom or dad gets home.) Here are my practice days Mon.-4:30-8:30pm Tues. 5-9pm Wed.-4-8pm thurs.-5-9pm frid.-off sat-8am-12pm.
Busy schedule and the problem is i have like NO NO time at all for school work or projects. And with school coming very soon within a week im almost terrified about how much HW i will get. Im going into 8th grade and and sooo worrired. I barley made it through last year im always sooo tired from going to bed around 10pm and waking up at about 5:30am. any advice please.....PLEASE
Your timetable is terrible! Here, we don't start school until 9am and we finish at 3.35.

I used to go to an elite sports school. I stayed for all of six weeks because I couldn't cope with the times (which were much better than yours) but I used to do homework at lunch, break, on the bus home, on the way to school, during dinner, on the way to gym and back.

Maybe you should ask yourself if gym is more important than getting your qualifications. If it is, talk to your teachers, ask for the homework exercises in advance and do them at the weekend. If not, cut down on practice. There's really no other option...sorry.

PS... how on earth are you awake at 7.20 for school?
Well I do go to public school and gym so it is pretty hard balancing both. But i love gymnastics soo much that i would do anything. I wish i started school later but it is what it is. And u asked how im awake at 7:20 in the morning the answer is im not i would love to sleep in till 7 or 8 if i could but never i never do even on sat. and sun. no rest im up at 6am at the latest to be to practice.
yeah, i'm not looking forward to it either - my school starts at about the same time as yours (well, ten minutes later actually) but the main problem for me is that if i ride the bus, i wont get home until about 3:30 giving me 30 minutes until the start of practice... in which time i have to eat dinner, do homework, and get ready for gym. it takes me 15 minutes to get to the gym, so i have only 15 minutes to do everything i need to do. so what i'm planning on doing for homework is getting as much as i can done in study hall and on the bus and whatever is left i'll do during break time at the gym and on the way to and from the bus and when i get home after gym.

do you have a break time during practice? if you do then you can get h/w done then. other than that, get as much done as you can to and from school and to and from gymnastics.

also, it helps to do things you need done for school the next day done at night. (fixing a lunch and things like that) it'll save you a few minutes in the morning, so you get to sleep for an extra couple minutes.
I dont have a break time at my gym. I wish i did but i dont. I do though have 7th period study hall and i only have 8 periods. My last period is science. Im planning on major Hw time during study hall so i can have most of my hw done by the time i get home. I live 40 mins. away from my gym si i have to leave my house 40 mins. before the actual practice starts.
It is very hard balancing school and gymnastics. I was lucky that I had several classes where homework could wait until the weekends. I would spend Saturdays doing five math assignments in a row! If things get difficult, you could try talking to your teachers about turning in several assignments on Monday rather than one everyday. I was also very focused when we had free time in class. I was always working on homework rather than socializing. I also spend my Sundays trying to catch up and do work that I knew had to be done during the week - reading ahead for english or history or working on projects early.
KBT thank you so much for your advice. I feel you know alot about balancing school and gymnastics.
My middle school and high school schedules were similar to yours, except I got on the bus at 6:40 and got home at 3:15. I also took piano and violin lessons, and played in my school orchestra. You just learn to do homework whenever possible. I did my reading on the bus, I did busy work during lunch, and my coaches let me read while in splits (which at my gym is 10-15 minutes). You can also do HW in the car. Also, to be perfectly honest, I don't think I ever came close to 8 hours of sleep after middle school. I considered it a good night if I was in bed by midnight, and 1 AM was more typical by the time I was a junior/senior. As long as you really stay on top of things, you can make it work. Everything really fell into place for me by the end of high school.

Incredible time management skills also make college much easier. :) I'm taking 21 hours, writing for the student newspaper, doing NAIGC gymnastics, and researching 10 hours/week, and it seems perfectly manageable to me compared to high school!
Thank you for your post gymkat! I truly appriciate your advice.:)
I've had to deal with a lot of scheduling especially during high school.

A few days a week I wake up before 5am and eat breakfest on the way to practice. After diving I have about 10 minutes to get ready in the locker rooms and it's a 15 minute drive to school and i'm at school from 8:30am-3:30pm. Once school is over I drive straight back to the pool for my second practice until around 7:30pm. Then I'm usually home around 8pm to do my homework.. but i've learned to eat dinner while doing homework helps a little bit. I try to be in bed by 11pm but it varies whenever I get my homework done. Saturdays i've got practice for about 3 hours.

I normally tell my teachers at the beginning of the year what my schedule is like and that I will have to miss for competitions. Some have helped by making me out an assignment sheet for the week of my work so on the days where I maybe have a little extra time I can get ahead. Another way I save time is by doing my homework during lunch too... any bit helps.

It's really hard sometimes and quite frustrating when your teachers give so much homework like you don't do anything besides school. If you try and explain the situation explain to them your schedule and tell them that school is important to you and you don't want to fall behind which is why you need the extra help. If they refuse... you could talk to a principal or have your parents talk to your teachers.

Hope I could help a little.

Good Luck
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Well, I've never had a schedule that hard. But I have been super involved in sports and extra curricular activities for a while now. Since gym is so important to you, I'm sure you can find a way to make it work. Having a study hall helps a lot since you can get a lot of HW done. If you can do work on the bus then that helps too. Sometimes I even do HW in my other classes if the lecture is boring. Maybe you should ask people at your gym what they do since they probably have some ideas.

I've found that if you ask teachers for HW before and tell them why they will be happy to help you out. What u dont want is for them to wonder why you have trouble getting HW done. But if you explain what is going on and say you want all the HW assignments for the week the Friday before you can do some of it over the weekend when u have more free time.

Well I hope it all works out for you!
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